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Elaine CloseBiographical Information

Elaine Close was born in Connecticut in 1970. In 1992 she graduated from Connecticut College with a bachelor's degree in fine arts with a concentration in painting and collage. Since then she has been living in Portland and showing her work in various places around the city.

Artist Statement

For the last decade I have been working on a series of oil paintings on wood and recently I have also been making small and very small pieces on paper. The paintings are inspired by a certain type of shape I find compelling and by the emotional power of colors.

The shapes mostly come from drawings I have done of bird bones. I begin with salvaged / dumpstered wood and add spackle and thin layers of oil paint. This slow process results in paintings which, because of their subtlety and because they change significantly in different light, say different things at different times.

The works on paper are made from very mixed media including graphite, oil pencil, watercolor, acrylic, oil, blood, etc.

For inquiries or to be on my mailing list for future shows please contact me.

Solo Shows

2006 - Guardino Gallery, Portland, Oregon
2005 - Calendula Cafe, Portland, Oregon
2002 - Indus Books, Portland, Oregon
2001 - Indus Books, Portland, Oregon
2000 - Southeast Civic Center, Portland, Oregon
1998 - STRATUM, Sugar From the Bone Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1998 - Uberhouse Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1997 - E. State Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1995 - PODICEPSO, Morrison Rink Gallery, Portland, Oregon

Group Exhibitions

2007 - CONTEMPORARY FOCUS, City of Gresham Visual Arts Gallery, Gresham, Oregon
2004 - 10 YEARS, Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, Oregon
2001 - NW WOMEN 2001, Berbati's Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1999 - ANATOMY SHOW, Q-Hut Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1998 - Sugar From the Bone Gallery, Portland,Oregon
1998 - Uberhouse Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1997 - THE BIRDS SHOW, Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1997 - E.State Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1993 - MATTHEW HAGGETT AND ELAINE CLOSE, Howling Frog Gallery, Portland, OR
1992 - Cummings Art Center, New London, Connecticut